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Algarve Families in Need.... News

1 October 2022

This month Nadia has been out shopping for materials for the children's school in Loulé set up for Ukranian refugees. This is a fabulous resource not only in education terms but also providing a therapeutic environment for these children who have been through such trauma. If you would like to support this initiative please let us know and we'll put you in contact.









We are really excited that next week we will be at B.L.I.P. in Portimao giving us the opportunity

to speak with attendees about the work that we do and hopefully gain more support. If you are

in Portimão next weekend do call in and see us.  Even better if you could spare some time to

help staff the stand we would be especially grateful. Look forward to seeing you.


As children have started a new school year, we have become more conscious that many children are not able to make the most of their time in school because they are in need of glasses which their families just can't afford. As we know, education is a major route out of poverty and we find it so sad that these children are disadvantaged from the start.  Consequently, we are about to launch a 'Glasses for Children' appeal - we will tell you more about this is the coming months.


Thank you as always to those who have donated this month - there has been so much and we are truly grateful.




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  • Goods Donated - at the moment, this page is not populated but we'll be putting together an inventory of what we have in stock with a list of goods that we are in need of..... please also note that we'd love to receive donations of bicycles and motorbikes/scooters.  Mobility is always an issue because the public transport infrastructure on the Algarve is not adequate.