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Algarve Network for
Families in Need

.......Give a little, help a lot

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Algarve Families in Need.... News

September 2023

Appeal.....if anyone has bunk beds that they'd like to donate.... bunk beds are always on our wish list, please click here to send an email or PM us through our Facebook page.


Focus on Working Together...

Working together and our byline to 'give a little, help a lot'  continues to be the mantra and philosophy that drives our efforts.  As always, our thanks must go to those who contribute and those who help with distribution.  

September News


In this period since sending out our last newsletter, Nadia and I have been extremely busy with setting up the registration of our charity.... it seems that we will call ourselves "Families in Need Algarve" with the official title of "Associação Families in Need - Algarve".   We have the full complement of nine Committee members and now we're just waiting for final approval!


Whilst in Portugal in August, I was thrilled to reconnect with a young woman (we'll call her G) helped by our charity a few years ago.  She provided an update on how things were going and how grateful she was to all of those who had helped her.  I asked her to capture her experience in writing and this is what she sent to us....


"Three years ago my life was pretty desperate, I had lost my home and was going to lose my children. I was without hope.  My friend said that I should contact Families in Need but I was too ashamed and I was also scared that my ex partner would find out about my situation.  My friend assured me that I would be treated with dignity and everything would be confidential so I agreed.


I couldn't believe what happened. So many people sent in donations of food, clothing, toys, things for a home and someone offered some space to store things for me. I became homeless and my children went to live with their father but they were not happy. I was given help to find a place to live and then it was the struggle to get my children back. Every now and then Families in Need would check in on me to see how I was doing. I worked hard to build my new home and after about a year the children could come back to me. We have been so happy since. 


Still, every Christmas Families in Need check if I am o.k. Now I can actually tell them I'm fine, we have all that we need.


I will never forget what all those people did for my family. The main thing was the push that it gave me just knowing that there was someone there - that's what gave me hope and the drive to carry on."

We are so very proud of G and what she has achieved.... and so grateful to everyone who donated on her behalf.


More recently (since before last Christmas), we have been helping a lady with a young family in Portimão (we'll call her M). Just this week we received this message......


"I just wanna say thank you very much to J C and M, for donating and delivering me the crutches and lombar belt, once again, I repeat and bless this group and all the people with them, for making such an effort to change the lives of people in need for the better; the best thing that ever happened to me at this less good time of my life. It was you, thank you Algarve network for families in need."


M is always so gracious in her thanks to anyone who helps either through donations or with delivery as she has no transport. So thank you to everyone who has helped this family.


We have been very fortunate to have received four laptops. This will be such a boost for children going back to school. So if you are upgrading and looking for somewhere to pass on your used laptop please think about Families in Need.  


At this time of year we are also grateful to receive any 'back to school' materials eg, backpacks, stationery etc. Please contact us any time. It's never too soon to start collecting.

We hope that everybody had a great summer..... staying relaxed and safe, whether you were home or away!


Nobel School Programme

Three "Year 10 Global Perspectives" students from Nobel Algarve British International School (Lagoa), initiated an exciting opportunity for students and parents  to make a real difference in the lives of families in need!  


As part of their course work and an inter-house competition, they organised a donation drive for the Algarve Network for Families in Need,

asking for donations of non-perishable goods to assist families who are facing challenging times. These goods included canned foods, rice, pasta, cereal, dried fruits and other long-lasting items that provide nutrition and sustenance.

"By donating these essential items, you'll be contributing to a greater cause, spreading kindness and compassion throughout our community. Together, we can alleviate hunger and ensure that no family goes without a meal."

I was delighted to accept the donations from our students on behalf of our families across the Algarve.  It was a fantastic initiative and we are extremely grateful to these students and the school community.


Glasses for Children


We know that spectacles are expensive in Portugal..... this is an article from the Portugal News describing the problem!


As an introduction to this project, we would like to get in touch with a small number of families whose children have never had a sight test and for whom such tests are not available free of charge.

If this is you and you would like your child to have a sight test please click here to send an email or PM us through our Facebook page and we'll try to arrange it.


This will be on a first come first served basis for now but eventually, we hope to be able to offer this service anywhere it cannot be accessed through statutory agencies.

Jobs on the Algarve


We do advertise jobs on our FB page that are available on the Algarve and thankfully, at the moment, it seems that the increased tourism is creating quite a shortage of staff in many areas.

We're listing links to the various employment agencies across the Algarve, a few from the UK and an agency based in Lisboa, to assist our families with their search for work.

To assist those who are looking for work, please take a look at our "Tips and Hints - Interview Process" - we're offering an English version as well as a Portuguese version.

Glass Door, UK

Although UK based, they appear to have quite a few jobs on the Algarve.


UK based agent, offering positions that are "work from home"

Jobs in the Algarve

An informal FB page where you can chat with prospective employers.

Hire Basis

Another agency offering remote opportunities.

Slide and Splash, Lagoa

They currently have quite a list of requirements.


Temporary and permanent recruitment agency with call centres, outsourcing, payroll and training services. 

Centro de Emprego

Job centre for employment searches and opportunities. Training centre and coaching certification. Five offices in Faro, Lagos, Loulé, Portimão and Vilareal St Antonio.

Arco Largo

Recruitment of 18-35 yr olds as interns in tourism, sporting and hospitality businesses.

Elevus Lisboa

A long term partner in the Human Resources sector adding value to the Stakeholders, workers, business partners and customers.

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